The Healthy Amplified Network

The Healthy Amplified Network is dedicated to ensuring that your patients receive market access to the clinical neurobehavioral testing that goes beyond standard baseline cognition screening. This means that your office can obtain timely and accurate testing without any hassle, and your patients and their families can receive immediate results. In addition, our network offers monthly payments for each completed administration, without the need for insurance submissions or reimbursement wait times. Our experienced and knowledgeable providers can manage patient cognition screening applications, tracking who needs to complete them and when. By leaving the neurobehavioral screening for dementia, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and PTSD to us, your office can avoid the time-consuming nightmare of missed deadlines and documentation requirements. Simply provide us with your requirements, and let us take care of the rest. Trust us to provide the clinical results your patients count on without any hassle.

The Healthy Amplified Network Affiliate Benefits

Access to a larger Patient Base

Our network includes patients from a variety of insurance plans and referral sources, allowing you to expand your reach and build your practice.

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Our network provides physicians with access to additional revenue streams through value- based care programs, shared savings models, and fee for service.

Practice Support Services

This includes billing and coding support, compliance training, and technology solutions to help streamline your workflow.

Collaborative Care Model

Our network is built around a collaborative care model, which means that you’ll have the opportunity to work with other healthcare providers to provide comprehensive care to your patients.

Contunuing Educational Opportunities

We offer a range of continuing education opportunities for physicians, including webinars, conferences, and training programs.



Existing Primary Care Practices see the need to provider patients a higher level of screening service beyond the Annual Wellness Service (AWS) but simply don’t have the time nor in-house expertise to justify disrupting their clinical workflow.

The HEALTHY AMPLIFIED NETWORK clinically proven provider network assessments detect impairments and aids in treatment planning. Existing Primary Care Practices capture monthly recurring payments and enjoy ease of use—every time.

Mary E. Harrison

Mary E. Harrison

The current lack of Market Access to a proper Neurobehavioral assessment reflects a fragmented healthcare system. In this highlighted New York Times article example the patients endocrinologist pays scant attention to her cardiologist or neurologists has prescribed, while her primary care physician hesitates to overrule any of them.

The Healthy Amplified Network – Affiliate Administration Process


Administrative practice collects Data from all patient questionnaires, and financial documents/insurance information for application filing and submission with private, commercial & government payers.

Questionnaire Review and Screening Scheduled

Clinical review of questionnaire to determine “medical necessity” and pre-authorization with desired payers approval where required. Provider practice follows-up with a screening appointment and tandem telehealth session options back directly with the Administrative practice and patient

Telehealth Ensured Screening

Day of screening the Administrative practice completes the screening and clinical report is dispatched to the provider practice. Provider completes the telehealth session which includes a review of the patient’s health history, reading and interpretation of the cognition screening, and any next steps which may include a treatment plan or a follow-up screening request with all notes dispatched to the Administrative practice.

The HEALTHY AMPLIFIED NETWORK  features all licensed medical providers that utilize CANTAB® Cognition Screening healthcare products that feature the highest levels of sensitivity and specificity and have FDA 510K clearances for the detection of earliest stages of cognitive impairments: Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other disease states.


Benefits of Practicing as a HEALTHY AMPLIFIED-Affiliated NETWORK Physician

Members of HEALTHY AMPLIFIED-affiliated practices highly value the difference in their care made possible by an improved doctor-patient partnership. In turn, our affiliated physicians provide a rewarding experience patient – professionally, personally and financially. Detection of the earliest signs of Cognitive Impairment and the detection of Alzheimer’s, ADHD, PTSD, and Dementia symptoms which directly impacts treatment adherence is simply the right thing to do.

When you become part of our family, HEALTHY AMPLIFIED will restore your love of medicine because you are free to do what you do best: help make meaningful improvements in patients’ lives by making Cognitive Testing simple easy and accessible. And because we believe you deserve the same kind of care you give your patients, as a HEALTHY AMPLIFIED affiliate, you’ll have time to practice what you preach and reach your own wellness goals.

We support you throughout the life of our relationship, beginning with your transition into the model, through your years as a HEALTHY AMPLIFIED affiliate and continuing to your transition out of practice when you’re ready to retire and or continue to operate as a Medical Director.

Why Physicians Love the HEALTHY AMPLIFIED Affiliated Care Model

  • Independence and market access for your Patients– you continue practice medicine on your own terms; our turn key model allows your staff to engage patients with our Health Hub.
  • Protecting your workflow practices enables you to focus more on attending to your patients’ needs rather than wasting time on monotonous administrative tasks associated such as the implementation of a routine cognitive test which most often has minimal therapeutic value, and the hassles of managing of billing and insurance.
  • An unhurried, stress-free office atmosphere that your patients and your staff will appreciate as cognitive screenings with the telehealth provider HUB are scheduled days in advance from the date of service.
  • Help patients achieve improved health outcomes and avoid hospital admissions, visits to the ER or urgent care through more advanced testing and a focus on prevention and wellness.
  • Intellectual stimulation from being able to research complex cases and educate your patients.
  • Assist patients needing highly specialized care or second opinions with referrals to some of the nation’s top healthcare facilities through HEALTHY AMPLIFIED Medical Centers of Excellence program.
  • Tap into the expertise of prevention-minded HEALTHY AMPLIFIED colleagues coast-to-coast.
  • Shape the future of primary care by participating on the HEALTHY AMPLIFIED Medical Advisory Board or special task forces.
  • Take advantage of medical practice operational benefits, including support services and discounts exclusive to the HEALTHY AMPLIFIED national network.

The Affiliate Network

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As a Physician, you strive to provide the best care to your patients while also managing the demands of enjoying a busy practice. As a primary care provider, your goal is to offer your patients the most advanced Cognitive Screening options available. By utilizing our Artificial Intelligence (Al) proprietary CANTAB technologies, you can now access the only FDA-cleared screening tool that detects symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Early detection means more treatment options and a better quality of life for your patients. Joining a healthcare network like The Healthy Amplified Affiliate Network can help you achieve both goals.

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